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By Sarah J. Maas

Celaena Sardothien, feared murderer, has come for retribution. despatched by way of the Assassin’s Guild to a distant island in a tropical sea, Celaena is meant to be to gathering on a debt they're owed by means of the Lord of the Pirates. but if she learns that the agreed money isn't in funds, yet in slaves, her undertaking without warning changes–and she's going to hazard every thing to correct the incorrect she’s been despatched to lead to.

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Celaena stared hard at Rolfe. Her stomach twisted with hunger. She’d eat later—swipe something from the tavern kitchens. ” He waved a hand, beckoning her to go on. ” Rolfe gave her a lazy smile. “I don’t mind Rolfe,” Sam mused later into the pitch darkness of their room. Celaena, who’d taken first watch, glared toward where his bed lay against the far wall. “Of course you don’t,” she grumbled, relishing the free air on her face. Seated on her bed, she leaned against the wall and picked at the threads on the blanket.

Of course you don’t,” she grumbled, relishing the free air on her face. Seated on her bed, she leaned against the wall and picked at the threads on the blanket. ” Sam chuckled. ” She rolled up the sleeves of her tunic. Even at night, this rotten place was scorching hot. ” Sam’s mattress groaned as he turned over. ” “Where my life is concerned? ” Sam snorted. “Believe me, if I came home without you, Arobynn would skin me alive. Literally. ” She scowled. ” She fanned her sweating face with a hand.

In the hours she’d spent watching over their room, one thought had become increasingly problematic. The slaves. Perhaps if Arobynn had sent someone else—perhaps if it was just a business deal that she found out about later, when she was too busy to care—she might not have been so bothered by it. But to send her to retrieve a shipment of slaves … people who had done nothing wrong, only dared to fight for their freedom and the safety of their families … How could Arobynn expect her to do that? If Ben had been alive, she might have found an ally in him; Ben, despite his profession, was the most compassionate person she knew.

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