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By Charles Edgley, Dennis Brissett

There has been a time while the word “It’s none of your small business” intended whatever. now not anymore. A boorish and chronic military of meddlers, built with righteous indignation and an impressive array of theories and applied sciences, has made virtually everyone’s company its personal. Meddling within the lives of others is now the republic’s such a lot obvious obsession. From nationwide crusades opposed to undesirable behavior equivalent to ingesting, smoking, and playing to the efforts of a gaggle in Woodbury, Minnesota, to create a fragrance-free paintings setting, american citizens are meddling into every one others lives as by no means prior to. frequently masquerading as social predicament or group involvement, the modern meddlers interfere within the identify of so much every thing: healthiness, defense, the commonweal, God, and “for the sake of the children.”Working in the symbolic interactionist culture of cultural research and feedback, Charles Edgley and Dennis Brissett study this emergent phenomenon with insightful and provocative descriptions approximately how we got here to be this manner, why meddling is so attractive, and the way meddling is packaged and advertised. Their end bargains clever and occasionally witty cautions concerning the right courting among the person and society.

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At the appointed hour Flynn, wreathed in his most genial smile, came upon the stage, and the thunder of applause which greeted him never awakened such echoes before in the old theater. Filling his glass from the pitcher, Flynn drank the contents in one draught, and then proceeded with his lecture. He was a brilliant and voluble talker, and Ms fund of anecdotes never seemed to be exhausted. The pathos and eloquence with which he pictured step-by-step the drunkard's path down the abyss of moral ruin, I will never forget, neither will I forget the laughter I enjoyed while listening to his side-splitting anecdotes.

Polsky, 1991: 8-9; emphasis added) But prior to this incorporation of marginal populations into the institutional framework of the therapeutic state, a move that rationalized meddling into the affairs of first those populations and later virtually everyone else, a grand-scale experiment in meddling would make its elements crystal clear. That experiment was, of course, prohibition. Prohibition and Its Legacy By the first quarter of the twentieth century, the enthusiasm for meddling into the lives of fellow Americans was so entrenched that it now seems inevitable that the great meddlesome experiment known as Prohibition would be tried.

Much of the responsibility for this preoccupation with risk aversion may be traced to the emergence of a new privileged class that works in the burgeoning service sector—including, not insignificantly, government and corporate bureaucracies that do little else but create rules that meddle in everyone else's business. But not only governmental initiatives are at the heart of the dramatic increase in the rise of professional meddling: It dawns on few of us that the more we ask government to meddle into the lives of others, the closer we get to creating an apparatus that will in all likelihood eventually meddle into our own.

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