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Melvin Webber's paper in turn was written when the situation there was ripe for new ideas to come to fruition. It is consequently much more "positive" and imbued with considerable optimism. THE CRITICS OF TRADITIONAL PLANNING Ruth Glass's paper foreshadows the concern with social problems, and in particular with questions of distributive justice occurring in the United States and also increasingly elsewhere. It deplores the division between 41 42 A Reader in Planning Theory [Part II social, economic and physical planning and castigates town planners for their mechanistic mode of thought and their conservatism masquerading as U t o p i a n commitment.

31. , University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1950. PART II THE IDEA O F P L A N N I N G Introduction PLANNERS, like other professionals, habitually reassure themselves of the importance of what they are doing. There exists a plethora of statements concerning the idea of planning, and any selection aspiring to represent the multitude of viewpoints would make a separate volume. T h e three papers included have been selected to document change in the idea of planning. Its direction is away from a concern purely with the physical environment and towards intentionally rational, comprehensive planning; away from a primarily practice-orientated profession towards greater reliance on theoretical understandings and away from the domination of planning by architects and engineers towards opening its ranks to various disciplines, notably in the social sciences.

See Dodge vs. , 204 Mich. W. 688. See also, operation research literature, viz. Churchman, AckofT, and Arnoff [8], chap. 1. 19 As documented by Gans [12] and Seeley [25], 24 A Reader in Planning Theory [Part I One such criterion should be to aggregate individuals expected to have similar cost-benefit expectations. Clients might thus be grouped according to income, race, age, occupational characteristics, location, or by roles in various institutions. Any one individual might fall in several or all such categories.

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