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Blowing Up Russia comprises the allegations of ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko opposed to his former spymasters in Moscow which resulted in his being murdered in London in November 2006. within the booklet he and historian Yuri Felshtinsky element how given that 1999 the Russian mystery provider has been hatching a plot to come back to the phobia that used to be the hallmark of the KGB.

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Its outcome was unfavourable to Müller, who was accused of denigrating Russia and its people by denying their ancient origins. 171 on Mon, 19 Oct 2015 03:32:38 UTC All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions Empire or Nation? 25 population caused particular offence. 23 What factors contributed to this outcome, and what was their relation to the construction of Russian national identity? To answer these questions, a number of relevant contexts must be considered. One of them is the internal politics of the academy.

The acquisition of Kyiv and Left-Bank Ukraine by the Muscovite tsars in the second half of the seventeenth century encouraged a search for imperial origins in the history of Kyivan Rus'. Although Novgorod featured prominently in debates on the invitation to the Varangians, Kyiv played an important role as the seat of the Rurikid dynasty and the capital of the state. 20 The debate itself was provoked by the decision of Gerhard Friedrich Müller, the official historiographer of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, to present a talk based on his dissertation, ‘Origines gentis et nominis Russorum,’ at a public meeting of the academy.

Such a turn came with the enthronement of Catherine II. 6 In 1763, the office of hetman was abolished once and for all. In 1775, the imperial authorities liquidated the Zaporozhian Host in the lower Dnipro region.

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