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By Philip John Koopman Jr.

This booklet combines structure with implementation ideas for complex programming languages

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Unfortunately, C is unable to explicitly express indirect jumps, " light-weight" subroutine calls (that do not save stack frames), direct subroutine return stack manipulations, and other convenient implementation mechanisms for TIGRE threading oper­ ations. For this reason, C implementations of TIGRE typically run two or three times slower than assembly language implementations on the same hardware. 2. Mapping of TIGRE Assembly L a n g u a g e Onto a VAX Since the VAX has a lightweight subroutine call instruction ( j sb), TIGRE can map very efficiently onto the VAX architecture.

The value returned from the P combinator is defined to be a pointer to the parent node of the node having the P combinator cell (node 0 in figure 4-7): # result is value of second from top spine stk el. mov address_of(Rl), result # short out projection combinatore mov address_of(LO), LI pop 2 return The returned r e s u l t is simply the contents of the second-totopmost spine stack entry (which points to the parent node of the P combinator node). The left-hand side of this parent node is rewritten with a pointer to the P combinator node to eliminate any potential projection combinatore in the path.

The supercombinator compilation results presented were derived from hand-generated supercombinators using standard algorithms (Peyton Jones 1987). 2. COMPARISONS WITH OTHER METHODS This section attempts a comparison between TIGRE performance measurements and results for the fastest known or, (in the case of Miranda) most widely available implementations of combinator reduction systems. 2 (previous research). In all cases, every attempt is made to present results in terms of comparable hardware and compiler technology.

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