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By Committee for Naval Hydromechanics Science and Technology, Naval Studies Board, National Research Council

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A number of the shipbuilders in Japan, including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ishikawajima-Harima, and Mitsui Zosen Nippon Kokan Kiokai, and in Korea, including the Hyundai Maritime Research Institute in Ulsan and the Daeduk R&D Center operated by Samsung Heavy Industries, operate their own research laboratories, some with towing tanks and tunnels as large as those at NSWCCD. Discussion of Problems Maintenance and Utilization The successful utilization of a facility depends heavily on its quality and condition, which in turn is controlled by the repair and maintenance (R&M) program in place.

S. and Japanese research in hydromechanics can be compared by surveying the research categories of published papers in the proceedings of the ONR Symposium on Hydrodynamics series and in the Journal of the Japanese Society of Naval Architects of Japan, which can be considered to be representative of the research in the two countries. 1 shows the relative number of papers published in each journal in the different categories. S. effort on cavitation (category 5) is significantly larger. In categories 8 and 9, experimental techniques and bluff body hydrodynamics, which are more relevant to fundamental hydrodynamics, there is almost no Japanese research.

3 or non-Navy sources. 2 funding was substantially higher than in any of the preceding 5 years. 2 funds in FY99, which was directed at short-term applications. 1. 3 efforts. 1 work will be most effective if it contains a balance of exploratory work on very new ideas and very fundamental work in response to opportunities and challenges identified in higher-budget-category programs. The need for this sort of balance is particularly acute in hydromechanics, which deals with matters that have a large impact on the overall characteristics of ship and submarine platforms: stealth, speed, payload capability, seakeeping/maneuverability, and cost.

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