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By Yury Verlinsky, Anver Kuliev

Commonly illustrated, this atlas is a handbook for the institution and consciousness of PGD in the framework of assisted replica and genetics companies. absolutely revised and up to date, the atlas comprises descriptions of the authors' pioneering paintings on polar physique dependent PGD for genetic and chromosomal issues. The authors' novel adventure of PGD for late-onset issues with genetic predisposition should be of specific curiosity. Their gathered PGD event for poor-prognosis IVF sufferers provides additional facts of the advance of scientific consequence and the requirement for meiotic errors trying out for a better accuracy of preselecting aneuploidy-free embryos for move.

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In all, 16% o f the resulting sperm dupli­ 26 cates appeared not to be identical, which may further be related to the genetic differences between the donors involved. In fact, one of the three sperm donors for the above experiment produced mostly mosaic embryos in two PGD cycles. However, the rate o f mosaicism in sperm duplicates of the three donors involved in this small series was similar, indi­ cating that the generation of mosaic embryos, at least in the patients previously tested by PGD, may not be related to sperm genotype, but to the sperm centrosom e10.

Under control of the inverted microscope, tools arc aligned facing one another, parallel to the microscope stage and then raised. Under control o f the stereomicroscope the washed sperm are added to the drop containing 10% PVP, to slow down sperm movement, facilitating selection of a morphologically normal sperm for injection. It also minimizes sperm adherence to the glass surface once it is inside the injection micropipette. The micromanipulation dish, contain­ ing both sperm and oocytes, is transferred to the 19 ATLAS OF PREIMPLANTATION GENETIC DIAGNOSIS inverted microscope stage, and the microtools are lowered into the drop of culture medium at the 9 o'clock position to ensure complete control of fluid in and out of the microtools.

5e). 6c and d). 6e). The PB2 is removed in the same way as PBI, except that there is no need for PZD, since the opening in the zona pellucida was created prior to PBI removal. 7a). 7b). 7c). 7d-f). Oocytes are returned to their culture dishes and examined for cleavage after 48h. Contrary to PGD for single-gene disorders, in which both PBI and PB2 are removed separately in sequence, PBI and PB2 are removed simultaneously for the purpose of PGD for chromosomal abnormal­ ities. 10, is similar to that performed for PBI removal, except that it does not require strict precautions for D NA contam­ ination that are necessary when testing for single­ gene disorders.

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