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This is true for all activities. 46). The activities select what they require from the database of information. At any moment they will probably be dealing with only one entity, but to achieve their overall tasks they all need to use several entity types. Some may only be looking, some may be making additions, some may be removing and archiving or throwing away. Any type of 'update' will put the data into a new state. When the activities act—whatever they are doing—they will look at data which is in the correct state for them.

Thus, in the banking example, I may Open a customer account' in order to lend him money but also to provide him with a mortgage or to manage his investments. The same type of activity is being performed to achieve more than one purpose. To translate this to our activity decomposition diagram, this means that the same activities can occur, quite legitimately, in more than one 'leg' of the diagram. If we use the example of 'household management' and take a very detailed activity like 'boil water', we may 'boil water' in order to 'make tea', 'fill a hot water bottle' or 'sterilise the baby's bottle'!

During a feasibility study each application area which is defined for further study would have the activities of other application areas as its external activities. 39 (at strategy level). Strategic application planning has re-grouped together activities from different legs in the hierarchy. Two application areas are shown with the scope being defined by the two boundaries (or perimeter fences) created round each DFD. 'External' activities are now present in these two scope diagrams. External activities 13 and 18 are present for application area 1 and activities 16, 19, 21, 24, 27 and 28 for application area 2, each of which either uses or provides data shared between the application areas—a most important point.

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