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By Michael Beres

Retired govt brokers dangle to a decades-old mystery which can wreak havoc at the usa political system. When a stroke sufferer concerning a high-profile mobster dies mysteriously at a Chicago rehabilitation facility, a fellow rehab sufferer and previous detective launches his personal research. but if his wife attempts to aid him, she is abducted, and soon other sufferers emerge. The mob, family members legacies, health-care scams, a setting, crooked politics, and federal brokers are all associated with the escalating violence surrounding Saint Mel within the Woods Rehabilitation Facility.

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A woman’s died and someone should have the decency to clean up the floor. If I were younger and worked as an aide down there I certainly would have done it. That was the way it was in my day. Women taking care of things after someone passes. Women putting things back the way they were. “Don’t they realize doing a day’s work in this place is better than old people sit and stretch exercises? Idiotic. You get old and end up a zoo monkey doing monkeyshines for peanuts. ” Sue shook her head and sighed.

After all her theories about conspiracies, was this how Marjorie would check out? Slipping in a puddle of piss and no one even questions the circumstances or bothers to clean it up? As he leaned forward in his wheelchair rubbing at another of the reddish-brown specks and examining the stain transferred to his finger, something else bothered him. For a moment he thought he would fall out of the chair, and if that happened, he’d tumble end-over-end, not stopping until . . until what? He sat up and closed his eyes and tried to think.

In this one, elderly residents were lined up in the hallway on election day, and the candidate they should vote for down at the polling place in the lobby was printed in ink on the insides of their dry old palms. One of the older aides in rehab overheard Marjorie trying her best to divulge this conspiracy. After waiting patiently for Marjorie to get all the “facts” out, the aide let it be known that, as far as she knew, Hell in the Woods had never had its lobby used for a polling place. Yet 29 M IC H A E L BE R E S after the aide left them alone, Marjorie insisted there was something terribly wrong about the outcome of a Presidential election.

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